Our Debt to Pete Seeger

There's a good chance that Rockcreek Steel Drums would not exist without the influence of Pete Seeger. While Kevin had fallen in love with the steel drums as a teenager after attending a concert at the Ocean Pines beach community near Ocean City, Maryland, it wasn't until years later when his brother Sean showed him a film he had checked out of the Ithaca, New York, Public Library that the idea of building a steel drum popped into his mind.

That film was Music from Oil Drums, made in 1956 by musician, activist, and ethnomusicologist Pete Seeger and his wife, Toshi Seeger. It chronicles the Seegers' trip to Trinidad's panyards and their efforts to build steel drums back home in New York. Click the button below and enjoy.

Kevin built his first steel drum with his brother Sean using Seeger's book Steel Drums - How To Play Them and Make Them. Their first drum was built in the invader style seen in the video above and is similar to the one hanging above the original shop doors.