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The Rockcreek Steel Drums Beginner Steel Pan Residency

Rockcreek Steel Drums has brought our 3 day beginner steel drum residency to over 100 schools, retirement communities, summer camps, after school communities, and community centers.  

In schools the Beginner Steel Pan Residency includes:


The Birth of Steel Drums Assembly

A 45 minute assembly  where students learn about the history of Trinidad, and how the steel drum was created by 11 and 12 year old kids, while hearing calypso and other types of music played on the steel pan.  This is a duo performance.



Three 45 minute beginner steel pan workshops for each participating classes over three consecutive days where students will learn the basics of playing steel pan while preparing for a final concert with all the groups. We will learn to play melodies, chord progressions, intro's, endings, to play scales, and to recognize musical intervals.


Final Rehearsal

All participating classes will come to the gym for a final rehearsal where each group will rehearse their song(s) and practice coming on/off stage and stage presence

Final Performance

Each group will perform their song(s) for other grades in the school. A short concert with each band introducing themselves and with student players taking the  role of leading the band in warm ups as well as introducing the songs.

In Maryland, all residencies are booked through Young Audiences of MD.     www.yamd.org  - 410-837-7577

Outside of MD contact:  info@rockcreeksteeldrums.com